Im lucky enough to have worked with some of the best brands, agencies and people in the industry.


Ian is a hand-on practitioner of paid social. He has deep knowledge of all tactics and strategies required. He is passionate about social and just as passionate about results. Genuinely one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with.

Liam Walsh - Managing Director at Amobee


“Ian is the best in the business when it comes to social media buying. He is fluent in facebook and instagram ads, and helps simplify it in an understandable way that translates to business outcomes. He is also a genuine guy that is all about getting you the best results for your business without confusing plans or fluffed up strategies.”

Nicola Swanki - Managing Director from Society (Mediabrands)


"Ian is a superb team member who combines excellent client development skills with a strong understanding of the social media space to deliver great results. I have loved working with Ian."

Kate Lavender - Chief Operating Officer from TBG


“Ian is a true social specialist. He really knows his stuff, is able to articulate a clear and coherent strategy and is an excellent collaborator. I have worked alongside him at a different agency and would jump at the chance to work with him again.”

Suzie Shaw - Managing Director at We Are Social


"During my 5 years working with him, Ian has ran social activity across multiple platforms; his experience ranges from implementing small campaigns - finding creative solutions with small budgets - to strategic planning for corporate clients with million dollar budgets.  I find that Ian cares about how every dollar is spent, whether big or small and gives the same diligence to ensure campaigns run the right way and lead to a successful result for the client.  Beyond that Ian is a pleasure to work with, as a sounding board across broader planning and generally an honest and trust worthy colleague who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

 Adam Wade - Head of Media Services from Amobee


"There aren’t many people who understand Social Media like Ian does. He just gets it. 
I had the pleasure of working with Ian when he lead the Social teams at UM and then at Amobee. He is a great operator, leader and is fantastic with clients - taking time to understand their challenges and needs - and then using his platform knowledge and relationships to advise the best solution. I enjoyed Ian’s candid, honest approach and his desire to always be as creative and innovative as possible."

Louise Wilson - Director of Sales at Twitter


“Ian is a social guru. He knows how to translate businessobjectives into social strategies that get real results. He’s alwayson top of the latest trends and innovations and his passion andenthusiasm makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Danielle Lee - Associate Director Communications, Digital & Go-to-market from Optus